Floating Catamaran by Marijn Beije Is a Unique Way to Experience Nature

What could be better than living in a floating catamaran and being able to enjoy the beauty of nature? Possibly nothing. Marijn Beije is a Dutch designer whose graduation project is now being manufactured for people to purchase. The Floating Catamaran is a luxury catamaran that has space for 2 people to sleep and also a beautiful bathroom that is almost like a spa.

There is also the crow’s-nest perch from where you can watch all the birds. You could go ahead and buy for yourself at Marijn Beije Design and I am sure you will have a field day sailing on the waters of placid and calm surroundings. It is also a great way to watch all the beavers jump in the river while you try to sleep. This idyllic and serene setting may sometimes be marred by occasional noise of traffic on the roads but mostly you would be on your own, if you choose to set sail in a calmer area of water body.

It is great to be used in lakes beside which you might have a property. You could spend one of those special nights atop the Floating Catamaran and I am sure you would enjoy every minute that you spend on it. We had also written about the floating hotels, and if you wanted something of a temporary nature, this might be what you were looking for. So go ahead, and enjoy all that you can in this sweet short life. Moreover, it is an amazing design.

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