Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition Headphones For Apple iDevices From Klipsch

Klipsch, a name that is globally renowned for its exquisite line of luxury audio products, has now announced the introduction of an all new pair of earphones that are designed primarily for Apple iDevices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad series. The all new Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition Headphones have been designed and developed as a tribute to the iconic Rock & Roll Hall of Fame legend, Lou Reed and the company is offering a free autographed Lou Reed CD for the first fifty buyers of these gorgeous headphones. This magnificent new Signature Edition headphones from Klipsch have been developed in collaboration with Lou Reed and the design of the headphones was selected by the legendary musician himself. The technological expertise of Klipsch combined with the creative eye of Mr. Reed has now come under one umbrella to create a state of art yet luxury headphones, and each of these headphones carry an authentic Lou Reed autograph with them.

The lovely new Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition Headphones not only work with Apple iDevice but can even be plugged into other devices with a 3.5 mm jack to enjoy exceptional audio quality. These wonderful headphones feature a mic as well as remote control which essentially enables you to not only listen to music, but also let you make and receive calls. The mic has been designed to work in 360 degree arc, thereby providing crystal clear conversation and both the mic and the remote control works seamlessly with iDevices.

Via Klipsch

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