Crystal Heels Gives Luxury Footwear A Glittering Makeover

We have heard of iPhones being tricked out in Swarovski crystals. So why should shoes lag behind? A new firm named Crystal Heels is filling that gap, by providing bling-bling makeovers to high-end shoes. Everything from boring leather boots to Christian Louboutin pumps come under the Crystal Heels scanner.

The Brain Behind The Bling

Crytal Heels is the brainchild of Evelyn Fox, a former model who confesses, “I have an immense passion for trends, high-end designers, and of course shoes.” Fox may not be alone in her love for shoes, but she deserves credit for being brave enough to bling out such designers as Christian Louboutin. She has created several glittering (literally!) shoes since she started out.

Fox’s process is simple. She buys high-end shoes from luxury footwear brands and puts her own Swarovski crystal-inspired spin on them. Her designs may not work as daywear. But put them on the red carpet and they are sure to grab the limelight.

Additionally, the designer also offers re-do services to add style to your boring footwear using a variety of crystals.

Crystal Heels We Adore

One of the most expensive crystal heels from Fox’s design book are the Christian Louboutin Daffodil Swarovski Crystal AB Pumps. Christian Louboutin is not known for affordable prices. But the Crystal Heels spin pushes the final price of these white pumps up to a prohibitive $3,695. The Fuschia crystal-studded YSL Pink Palais Pump is another show-stealer at $2,165. There is also a pair of red and black panther-print D&G pumps that bear red Preciosa and Swarovski crystals. The price is $1,695.

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