MegaPhone: Probably the Coolest iPhone Accessory in the Market

From the lot of all the iPhone accessories that I have seen in the market, this one catches my eye the most. And believe me I have seen a lot! There is probably a cottage industry around Apple products. Shaped like a horn, this my friends is a MegaPhone. It’s purpose is to amplify the sound from your iPhones. Made from ceramic, this MegaPhone has a docking area on top, which holds your iPhone.

Owing to the shape of its walls, the sound coming from the speakers of your phone will be magnified, just like an actual horn amplifies your voice. The Megaphone horn has been raised on a wooden platform to ensure that it vibrates more freely and the sound is clear. This device can hold iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,and iPhone 4S. It is available in three colors, white, black and gold. While the black and white ones will cost you 400 Euros, the snazzy gold one will require an additional 200 Euros.

Though they are probably not as powerful enough as actual speakers, but the level of amplification is actually pretty good. So if you do not need a real powerful speaker for some headbanging session then this would be great to have in your home. And besides it looks so very cool and would make a great showpiece actually. That is beauty with a purpose you guys! The website from where you can get this is Italian. If you want to know more or order this product online then, Click Here.

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