Re-Discovered 1970s Rolex Perfumes Up For Sale

Rolex has always been synonymous with luxury watches. So many are surprised to hear that Rolex had dabbled in the men’s fragrance business decades ago. Two such long lost Rolex perfumes have been discovered and are up for sale online.

Long Lost Rolex Fragrances

Watch maker Rolex’s tryst with fragrances took place in the 1970s, back when men liked to smell like men and would not touch nail polish with a barge pole. The Rolex perfumes went by the name “Perpetually Yours by Rolex”. From time to time, empty bottles of the “Perpetually Yours by Rolex” have shown up on online forums. But this time, we have the real thing – fully packaged and in perfect shape.

Incredibly enough, two relics from the past have emerged. How? Why? Where? There are no details on that as yet. As for the lucky discoverer, in true Internet-era style, he is offering them on sale online. It would be exciting enough if one new bottle of the “Perpetually Yours by Rolex” turned up. But there are two from which to choose.

Masculine Packaging

These Rolex fragrances are not designed for the ladies, nor are they another of those forgettable celebrity fragrances. The packaging says it all. The bottles bear the familiar Rolex emblem and sit within what resembles a jewelry box. Clean lines, dark colors, a no-nonsense appeal – it is the perfect addition to the style-conscious man’s fragrance collection.

Money Matters

The seller is offering both bottles (with packaging intact) at a price of $1,000. To the uninitiated, it may seem a tad overpriced for these 30-year-old bottles of perfume. After all, perfume is not wine. But that should be no matter for the eager buyer.

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