Motorola’s Motoactv Is Set To Take On The Nano

A new gadget is attempting to rival the iPod Nano. Emerging from the Motorola workshops is a slim and compact new music player that goes by the name of Motoactv. Like the iPod Nano, the Motoactv comes with a touchscreen. But this one is built for the sporty gadget-lover, for it tracks the user’s fitness vitals as well.

The 1.6-inch touchscreen occupies most of one side of the device. The size is also similar to the Nano. Where the Motoactv scores, is in the addition of physical controls. This is a great feature, especially useful when your fingers get tired of all the touchscreen tapping. Shortcut keys take you to the music application and back. The mandatory volume buttons also make an appearance. According to Motorola, their new device is compatible with iTunes and Windows Media Player.

The Motoactv comes with an easy-to-use user interface. Navigating through the menu is no sweat at all. The music menu is organized in the usual way – artist, album, that sort of thing. But since this is a fitness-focused music player, the Motoactv also features a range of activities including running, the elliptical machine, the Stairmaster and more.

You can use your stereo Bluetooth headsets with this device. It also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Fitness fans will love that the gadget is sold with a clothing clip and a wired headset with inline controls.

There is only one big problem – the price! The 8GB version will retail for $249; a bit much when you consider that the 8GB iPod Nano currently costs about $129, nearly half Moto’s price. So will the Motoactv be able to beat the Nano at its game? It seems unlikely. But wait and watch.

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