Surreal Bubble Tank Puts Your Fish at Mortal Risk

If you are the kind of person who likes all things weird, you would surely like the idea of this weird fish tank which would be the centre of attraction in the room instead of the fish in it. The tank would be placed perilously at the edge of tables and desks and it could crash down any moment, or so it seems. I do not understand why you would want to put your finned friends subject to mortal danger.

It may not be such a great idea to won one but I must admit it looks rather attractive with its strange design. The Bubble Tank is designed by Psalt Design and is made from hand blown glass which means if it falls down your fish would die along with your expensive fish tank. The Bubble Tank would be available for sale for UK residents at the Design Event Mart which would begin from tomorrow.

There is a certain sense of sadism when it comes to designs like this. It is almost like making yourself perch on top of a skyscraper so that you could see if you fall down. Of course, there are many chances that you would land on the pavement with all your innards all over the foot path just like your fish’s innards would be, if your tank should crash down. It is a morbid thought, really. I would say, this is a really cool design that would look great in anyone’s living room. So go ahead and get one for yourself!

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