Ogio’s New Chamber Golf Bag Grabs Attention

Ogio’s new Chamber Golf bag is a great accessory for those who love golf. Golf is usually favoured by those who are rich and famous and it is partly due to the idea of looking rich than having fun. It is a great way to show the world that you are rich, if you can get hold of a membership to an elite golf club. With that in mind, you might also wonder what would happen to all those people who go to golf clubs and are expelled because they were a nuisance.

Well, some clubs do have this rule that if you create a lot of noise at the club and if other members complain you can be expelled. One of the ways that you could reduce that noise if by purchasing Ogio’s new Chamber Golf Bag which costs $260 and would make sure that your golf clubs do not clank against each other and cause a rattle on teh course.

It comes with a ball pocket that has no zips and it also comes with Velcro attachments and a great rain cover in case the skies decide to open up. The integrated tee holder could make it easy for you to play golf if you are really serious about the game. If you like to remain silent and enjoy the silence around you once you make it to the golf club, you might want this bag. So go ahead and dazzle all those boring golf club members who are snobbish and look down upon you.

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