Colorware Gives A New Spin To Apple iPhone 4S With The All New Custom Painted iPhone 4S

Though the demise of former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, might have left many in the company in shock and bereavement, yet the introduction of the all new Apple iPhone 4S made two days before his death has claimed new heights of success. Now, one of the foremost names color alternation techniques for existing products, Colorware, has now announced the introduction of the all new Custom Painted iPhone 4S. These gorgeous new iPhone 4S models have designed in the signature Colorware tradition, where in the devices are given stunning paintjobs, thus greatly adding to their already most appealing looks. Colorware has been well renowned for its exquisite aftermarket renditions of various products, such as the custom painted Segway scooter, Apple iPod, iPhone, Blackberry as well as various HDTVs.

The all new Custom Painted iPhone 4S carries a wide variety of color choices for its various parts such as the phone frame, SIM card tray, physical buttons, back cover and even the earbuds of the handsfree earphones that accompany this remarkable smartphone. The Colorware iPhone 4S apart from the gorgeous design differences, carry the same specifications as that of a stock iPhone 4S. This over the top smartphone features a dual core 1.5Ghz Apple A5 processor, an 8MP camera that is capable for taking Full HD 1080p videos, Apple iOS 5 and the star of the spec lineup, Siri intelligent assistance, an artificial intelligence system that works as your personal assistant. Apple iPhone 4S has already proven to be a phenomenal success for Apple Inc. with over 4 million handsets sold in just three days. Colorware is offering the consumer with two options of customization, where in you can either send in your iPhone 4S for a cosmetic revamp for $295 or buy a brand new and unlocked Custom Painted iPhone 4S for a staggering $1,545.

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