Sosno Art Gallery Enchants you with Out of the World Architecture

Sosno art gallery building is created by the joint venture of  Lithuanian architect Rytis Daukantas and French sculptor Sosno. Artist Sacha Sosno is well known for ‘distorted ‘or ‘unfinished’ sculptures and paintings. The missing gap is left for the viewer’s imagination. The art by Sosno is half finished. The other unfinished work depends on the imagination of people.

He’s has begun his giant scheme of outdoor sculptures in the Côte d’Azur, France recently with Rytis Daukantas Lithuania based architect. The Sosno Art focuses on a saying that you must remove your own log before looking at others eye’s splinter. The ‘log’ here is provided with wood containing four art galleries. This can be accessed through a central stair of the building. Construction having girders and beams fixed in one end will hold the ‘log’ in place.

SOSNO’s “La paille dans l’œil du voisin” an inhabited sculpture is of six hundred square meters and twenty two meter tall structure having gallery space. It consists of souvenir store, conference hall, multimedia room and other amenities. The art gallery building is arranged in six floor plates. The wooden beam meets at the point of bust. The structure is a mixture of fine art and absurdity. It is built exclusively for handicapped persons.

Sacha Sosno, French contemporary art sculptor has been working in Nice. He has got international recognition for monumental sculptures in Côte d’Azur, France. His remarkable work is Library in Nice in the 1980s. Many International exhibitions were held in France, Russia, China and Italy. He has been working on projects in Abu Dhabi, Moscow, and Shanghai.



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