Unique Lakefront Home is Ranked the Most Expensive in Ohio at $19.5 million

It is the most expensive home in Ohio by a fair margin. But what makes it unique is its design, scale and setting. If you see it from the sky it looks like a giant white serpent sitting on the southern shore of Lake Erie. The expensive home that projects style, eccentricity and wealth was built in 1980s by industrialist Donald Brown and his wife, Shirley. The home is officially called Waterwood Estate but locals simply call it the Castle. It has a unique design that consists of 20 square concrete buildings connected, like beads on a necklace, by glass corridors.

The single story structure adds up to a total of 38,000 square feet including the lower level walkout. From end to end, the home stretches 612 feet which is longer than two football fields put together. The house features 37 full rooms including two full kitchens, a ballet room, two indoor pools, a barbershop, an industrial-sized metal shop, five bedrooms, an indoor helicopter hangar and a wine grotto. The location is just a few miles west of Vermilion and the estate spread over 160 acres enjoys a 2,300 feet front on Lake Erie.

Hugh Newell Jacobsen, the renowned architect from Washington has developed the design in his signature pod style but the Browns have incorporated some industrial technology to give the house some unique features. The house boasts of four movable round floors. The seating area next to the wine grotto in the lower level rises to the main level and then to a cupola overlooking the lake. The floor to ceiling windows pivot in the middle and offer enchanting views of the lake. There are sliding doors that can be operated through a remote. Street Sotheby’s International Realty of Upper Arlington is handling the listing of the luxury property for an asking price of $19.5 million.

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