Human Lap Shaped Dog Bed Is not Quite Chic

Oh, so you thought you could get the most expensive and luxurious bed for your pet? Well, there are several in the world that tells you that your pet dog or cat would ,love a gold plated bed, or beds that shine with Swarovski crystals and beds that comes with chic silver lining. However, behind the silver lining lies the cloud, and it surprises me why everyone asks us to remember that there is a silver lining to every cloud. The crux of the matter, or the foreboding structure is that silver lining or not, there is a cloud that could bring storms in your life, and rain upon you. People say, the silver lining should be something of a reason to hold on to. The poor optimists do not realize what a shame it is to think so.

Similarly, the ones who think everything that’s luxurious also has a humane side to it are completely dumb. Take for example this weird, and expensive denim dog bed that is shaped like a human lap. It is meant for small dogs and cats, and costs $175. It is being sold as something so unglamorous, and humane, so it is luxurious, types.

Let me tell you people, it is not the bed that matters to your pet, It is some time and some play that it needs. Of course, it needs its own space as well. Thus, stop projecting your views on luxury on your dog. Or stop thinking that by giving a human-shaped bed to sleep, the bed would replace your lap. It doesn’t. It is pretentious, and the first person to notice that fakeness would be your dog or your cat. It is by Laps of Luxory founder Xan Rubey. Take a look at luxury beds and pets bed. 

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