Anopura: The Smallest Luxury Hotel in India

If you were wondering where to go next, and where to stay next, the answer could be India. Though it is a country that suffers poverty and backwardness, sometimes it could be educative to learn all that form a luxurious space. It could get messy to travel in India and learn the Indian way of life, which is steeped in poverty. Nevertheless, the few luxury hotels that exist allow you to experience what life in India is like, in the safety of luxury. Thus, the Anopura could be one of the next destinations to visit, if you plan to visit India.

It was designed by Philippe de Villegas and is being touted as the smallest luxury hotel in India. It is located in Aravali mountains, close to Jaipur. In the arid heat of the sun outside, you would thank yourself to be inside the small luxury hotel’s cool and chic environments. There are just two bedrooms in the ultra luxurious hotel and you may not get it all the time.

I would say, you could book it in advance and learn how to visit it when the going gets tough. Belgian- born Philippe de Villegas-ex-Honorary consul to Belgium in Marakech has seen a lot of things in life, and has thus been able to create this petite little hotel that looks good and is chic. It almost feels like you are in a home, as it comes with ceiling fans and ACs, which are a common feature in Indian homes, thanks to the famous Indian summers. You could also take a list of 10 hotels in India which could be touted as the best luxury hotel in India.

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