Brennwagen Grills are Perfectly Engineered Machines

Brennwagen has made grills into high performance machines. The finish and the precision of engineering will make a race car proud. Its low profile tires, drop-centre rims, centre nuts, safety breaks are all of a standard that cam match the best of automobiles. It is sure to take the barbecuing world by storm and the owners of Brennwagen charcoal grills will become the object of envy. The grill is not just about a striking design and precision engineering but the best of materials have been used to make these superlative grills.

The body of the grill is made from premium stainless steel. Titanium is used to make the head ducts. The material and the process is somewhat similar to what is used in jet engines. The chassis of the grill is made from a very robust variety of aluminum which is light in weight. The handles and furnishings are made from mahogany wood that gives the grill a class look and feel. The craftsmanship is also exceptional as most parts are handmade. It is made in Germany and is a prime example of German engineering.

The Brennwagen grills have similarities with automobile because the brain behind the idea was former Formula 1 engineer Florian Wagner. He heads the Brennwagen enterprise together with his friend, Daniel Ernst. They today offer a wide range of grills starting from $725 and go up to $6,300. The difference is mostly in size and some features but the quality and the construction is the same even for the smaller ones.

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