Try Motor Biking And Paragliding Simultaneously With The ParaMoto Trike

Many people have paragliding on their bucket list. The adventure sport that promises an adrenalin rush and a bird’s eye view of the world is a big hit among adventure travel enthusiasts from around the world. But now, fans can add a new dimension to their paragliding dreams. They can actually paraglide over the ocean on a motorcycle!

It seems unbelievable, but the ParaMoto Trike by designer Zvezdan Nedeljkovic combines the motorbike with the paraglider to great effect. The designer, who lives in Belgrade, Serbia, is currently a student of Industrial Design. He has been dabbling in the world of design for about five years now.

On his website, Nedeljkovic describes himself as “young, creative, with excellent problem solving skills”. He certainly has solved the problem of motorcycling down a cliff. The ParaMoto Trike, Nedeljkovic says, is a mix of his “three biggest passions – flying, motorcycling and design”.

The idea behind the ParaMoto Trike is that a user will be able to ride a motorbike down the side of a mountain, and fearlessly drive it off a cliff. At that point the bike will convert into a powered paraglider that will take the adventure fan on a whole other flying trip.

Nedeljkovic’s fitted motorbike, or rather trike, is an electrically powered ultra-light creation. It is an incredibly sleek design, one that is sure to bring on the “oohs’ and “aahs” from onlookers. Meanwhile, the ParaMoto Trike is probably not in service yet. But I am sure that once it gets into the groove, plenty of adrenalin junkies will be queuing up for a go on this cool contraption.

Via: Yanko Design

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