Crystal Rocked Presents The All New 24ct Gold Plated Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones

Crystal Rocked, a name synonymous with some of the most glittering and luxurious products that have been transformed from ordinary gadgets into exclusive products with the use of Swarovski crystals has now come out with the all new 24ct Gold Plated Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones. Dr. Dre, who is globally renowned for his incredible rapping skills as well as for his high performance headphones designed and developed by ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ came out with the remarkable Dr. Dre Studio, a pair of HD isolation headphones. Now, these fabulous headphones have been given a breathtaking gold treatment by Crystal Rocked and has been introduced as the ‘COLLECTORS SERIES’. Crystal Rocked has announced that these new luxury headphones will only be manufactured in a limited edition fashion with only 50 piece slated for production and ten pieces of this lot have been reserved exclusively for Harrods Department store, London.

The customers who purchase the gorgeous 24ct Gold Plated Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones from Crystal Rocked will get the headphones delivered in a custom designed walnut box, which will carry the headphone’s serial number as well as the edition number on the lid of the box. The Dr Dre Beats headphones will also come with Certificate of Authenticity and the number mentioned on the certificate will be unique to each customer. This isn’t the first time that Crystal Rocked has further glorified Dr. Dre headphones as the company had previously given a magnificent Swarovski crystal work to the Beats headphone. The 24ct Gold Plated Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones from Crystal Rocked are will be available for purchase with a price tag of $2,438 per pair.

Via Crystal Rocked

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