The Ice Ball Press Is A Great Addition To Your High-End Bar

If you are going to pamper yourself with expensive liquor, you might as well do it right. Expensive scotch whiskey on the rocks may be your chosen drink, but it loses some of its purpose when your ice cubes melt quickly into the drink. The resultant diluted whiskey is hardly avoidable, unless you decide to do away with the ice completely.

Fortunately for lovers of high-end alcohol, a new contraption promises to make diluted liquor a thing of the past. The Cirrus Ice Ball Press does exactly what its name suggests. It creates balls of ice to cool your drink.

You might ask what difference does it make whether the ice is a cube or a sphere. Well, it makes a big difference actually. A sphere-shaped ice actually minimizes surface area. As a result, the ice melts into your drink at a slower rate. Thus, dilution of your drink is considerably reduced.

The Cirrus Ice Ball Press looks fancy, but it is essentially a simple contraption that consists of two masses of metal. All you are required to do is place the ice in the spherical depression on the bottom half of the Cirrus Ice Ball Press. Drawn by gravity, the upper metal mass slides slowly down the guard rails, shaping the ice into a ball-like shape in the process. The rest of the ice melts, and 60 seconds later, the ice ball is ready.

With a price of $800, the Cirrus Ice Ball Press may be beyond the reach of most. But bars and the superrich should soon be making a beeline for this innovative ice-shaper.

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