Horacio Pagani Faces Airbag Trouble in American Auto Market

Horacio Pagani has released the exotic supercar which is available in Europe and Asia, particularly dedicated to the orders received from China, Middle East and Singapore. The debut was scheduled to be introduced next year in America. But according to the safety regulators of US, the car cannot be sold in the country as airbags of the car with 230 mph, is not safe for small children to sit in the front seat.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration denied the exemption of air bags on the request of Pagani.  Pagani hopes to launch Huayra supercar in America by the first half of 2013. Pagani had a hard time as his request was denied for exemption from airbag regulations. Before the arrival of Huayra on the shores of America he was informed that his car would not be allowed in the country by traffic safety office, in spite of his application in 2008 requesting the exemption from rule which requires advanced airbags.

Light trucks and passenger cars require advanced air bags according to NHTSA requirements. So automakers have to obey the rules and regulations and exemptions have been given to low volume automobiles such as Lamborghini and Tesla. But Pagani’s request has been refused and due to less financial resources the company cannot develop such expensive systems which would cost to the tune of 5.7 million dollars. The company has to develop a system of advanced airbags which determines the person’s size. Francesco Zappacosta, Managing Director says that company intends to sell the car in the US in early 2013.

Via: Bloomberg

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