Paramount Caviar Introduces The Delicious Vodka Infused Caviar

One of the foremost names in luxury caviar, Paramount Caviar has now announced the introduction of a special kind of caviar that is infused with premium Vodka to make the already delicious caviar all the more enticing. The remarkable Paramount Vodka Caviar is essentially a delicate mix of fish eggs with vodka, where this extraordinary combination consists of whitefish, chili peppers and flavored vodka, picked up especially from entrepreneurial farmers at Long Island Sound.  One of the best picks from Paramount Caviar is the Caviar Madras #226 which carries a price tag of $18 features the spicy treat of South Indian cuisine. This remarkable caviar is made from salmon caviar that has been given a generous amount of South Indian flavor of red curry, coriander and sweet grilled onion. Paramount Caviar has been world renowned for its high quality caviars, a reputation that the company has managed to carry forward with each passing year.

Paramount Caviar is not appreciated by its customers and their guests, but is also regarded in high esteem by some of the top professional chefs, restaurants such as Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin, Bill Telepan of Telepan, Tom Valenti of Ouest, and Matthew Seeber of Bids. Paramount was initially established by caviar enthusiasts, Hossein Aimani and Amy Arrow and since then Paramount Caviar has become a day to day name in some of the most high profile restaurants in the world. However, even with a business that is solely based on fishes, Paramount Caviar is actively leading the campaign to preserve the endangered fish species, particularly Caspian sturgeon, by staunchly supporting Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

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