Holly and PJ Create Innovative Computer Mouse Belt Buckles for their Etsy Shop

An innovative idea always attracts you. Could you ever think about a computer mouse as a belt buckle? I am sure not, but the soon to be husband and wife team of Holly and PJ did think of it and have a range of belts with computer mouse buckles in their new Etsy shop which they hope will be able to pay for their wedding planned for next year. They call their online shop getting weddy and have on display a wide range of belts with designer buckles but it is the mouse buckles that attract your attention first. A similar reaction was achieved by mouse shaped luggage.

They normally make hemp and leather buckles but one day while discarding an old box of old out of use computer mice PJ noticed that they were the same size as the buckle on his belt and it inspired him to create a buckle out of the discarded mice. And that’s how the geekiest accessory was born. The only thing lacking in this innovative design is that you cannot buckle or unbuckle by clicking on the mouse. The buckle works through a hook mechanism behind the mouse.

All sorts of mouse has been used, however, apple seems to be their preferred choice as they seem to have more belt buckles made with Mac than PC mice. It is a daring design and should receive a good response from the younger set of consumers. The geeky would love it because of their closeness to the computer mouse and the bold would like to make a statement it can make. The one of a kind belt buckles are available at the Etsy Shop in the price range of $15 to $22. Please note that these prices do not include the belt.

Via: technabob

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