Hanging Fish Tank makes a Great Accessory for Your Room

Luxury is all about uniqueness and this hanging fish tank is most definitely a unique item that will add to the look and the ambience of the room wherever it is set. It serves the purpose of a fantastic accessory for any setting. This item has been created to maximize the visual impact. Great care has been taken to ensure that nothing mars the look of the tank. The cords and the filtration system are neatly concealed within the hanging tubes and the fluorescent light.

The lighting system has been beautifully incorporated in the design. The fluorescent light sits atop the acrylic frame adding to the overall look of the tank. The tank features a high end filtration system that can be set for fresh or salt water fish. Small hoses have been fitted inside the hanging stainless steel tubes for the purpose of carrying water back and forth from the filter. It is an effective filtration system that can be set separately anywhere within a 500 feet radius.

The company also offers the services for installation but you have to make a separate request for it and contact the company directly. Apart from Florida, the tank does not attract any sales tax. The company provides free shipping for the tank but you must provides four weeks lead time for delivery. If you want it delivered earlier by availing of express shipping then you must contact the company directly. The tank is made of 100% acrylic and the tubes for hanging the tank is made of stainless steel. The tank comes in three sizes with a height of five feet, six feet and eight feet. The tank comes with one year warranty.

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