Hublot Introduces The All New Oceanographic 4000 Watch With 2.5 Miles Water Resistance

One of the foremost names in luxury watches and a revered entity in the field of horology, Hublot, has now announced the introduction of an all new range of watch collection in the form of Oceanographic 4000. This collection, consisting of two models has been designed and developed for the sole purpose of providing the deep sea diving enthusiasts with a watch that can withstand the water and the pressure of the oceans. Both the watches from the Oceanographic 4000 collection are claimed to be water resistant up to a depth of a staggering 4,000 meters or 13,120 feet). Hublot has introduced the all-new 731.NX.1190.RX, a titanium housed watch will come with a price tag of $19,900 and the company will only make about 1,000 pieces of this model. The other watch in the Oceanographic 4000 collection is the 731.QX.1140.RX that has been fabricated in carbon fiber and will cost about $25,900 with only 500 pieces to be built for sale.

The incredible water resistance shown by these watches that has been up to NIHS standards has been achieved by providing the watches with a 6.5 mm front crystal. However, the most remarkable design element of these watches is the use of screw-down caseback that has been forged from grade 2 Titanium providing exceptional strength to the watches. Hublot has ensured this marvel of watch designing can also be worn in your day to day life by switching straps. The Oceanographic 4000 collection with two separate straps, one being a rubber band strap and the other being a composite of rubber and nylon.


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