Bongos Beer Bar is the Most Comprehensive Transportable Party Unit

When an appliance or a gadget becomes portable or mobile it opens up many possibilities and becomes that much more useful. Alpina has created a Bar and Grill on wheels. It cannot be called portable but is definitely mobile. Called the Bongos Beer Bar, the smart looking cabinet comes with four sturdy wheels that allow it to be moved around on difficult surfaces as well. It can be taken to the place where the party is happening. It has been designed to service a party and even hardened party animal will also approve of it as it comes with a barbecue and holds ice-cold beer and comes with a professional beer tap.

The completely transportable unit can be taken wherever you need to go. The refrigeration system incorporated in the unit has been specially designed to keep the beer at the ideal temperature for several hours even if there is no power supply is available. It makes the unit ideal for outdoor party locations where electric outlets are not available. There is an option to make it more than a beer bar and fit a cooking top in the unit. You can even cook outdoors and have a beer while doing it.

The Bongos Beer Bar has been priced at $11,000 which might be a little steep for a private buyer as you might not be using it very regularly. But the investment will be really worth every dollar if you want to use it commercially. The Mobile Beer Bar is ideal for pubs, restaurants, caterers, social gatherings, corporate events. Students and family gatherings might be able to hire it for their parties. The unit weighing 120kgs provides storage for 8kg of ice. There are models that have water (waste and intake), gas and electric possibilities. It is the most comprehensive unit for a party.

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