Dead On Annihilator Makes Destroying Things Look Cool

One of the most sadistic pleasures that one gets is when one destroys things. We all like to destroy things. Be it hammering away our precious goods, or tearing down the walls, We all have the psychotic feature in us where in we would like to destroy things. Freud would have talked about the Thanatos but I say, destroying things is fun. Moreover, sometimes we do need to destroy or break things in order to get our work done. In such cases, you could take a look at the Dead On Annihilator which costs $50.

It works as a board straightener, nail puller, a demolition axe and hammer, a chisel, a multi-purpose wrench and what the hell, even as a bottle opener. It is everything that you ever want. you can go ahead and open bottles of beer, get drunk and break all the cars in the neighbourhood, and smash the windows of your neighbours or do just about anything that would take you right to the prison. While I don’t want you to land up in prisons, the idea of destroying things violently is super cool.

Nevertheless, if you are one of the boring types, you could buy this for your domestic needs like fixing things and to tell people how hard working you are, when you are actually a lazy slob. Whoever you are, whatever you are, you just need to get this cool Dead On Annihilator and do your bit towards the destruction of the world. So go ahead, and get it for yourself. It is not even costly!

Via: Uncrate

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