William And Kate’s Royal Wedding To Cost $32 mn

Weddings by their very nature are expensive. So naturally, the expense records of the upcoming royal wedding are sure to verge on the ridiculously exorbitant. Estimates on the 29 April wedding will cost about $32 mn. Generally, celebrity weddings tend to be extravagant. Most weddings average out at about $27,000. However, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding seems to have far surpassed that figure.

Here is a quick look at the items that are pushing up the cost. Generally, a wedding cake costs about $540. But the royal wedding cake is priced at a staggering $80,000! Next we move on to Kate’s wedding gown. At $434,000, it is far costlier than the average US wedding dress of $1,099. Then there are the wedding flowers, which come for $800,000. Compare that with the $1,098 price of wedding flowers at American weddings. The ring (though it was purchased by Prince Charles for Lady Diana in 1981 for $45,000) is currently worth $136,000.

But those are just a few of the most obvious overheads. The royal family will also be bearing the charges for the church service, music, food and décor. Plus, this is a big royal wedding, so security charges will be pushing up the costs. The wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey will be attended by 2,000 guests and 600 guests will attend the reception.

However, while Prince Charles pays for the wedding expenses, costs like security will be paid for from the British taxpayers’ money. Rumor has it that Kate’s family will be paying for her gown. Interestingly though, the William and Kate wedding will still be cheaper than Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding which cost $48 million.

Via: SheKnows.com

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  • I think royal wedding should reduce the cost, that will help the goverment to have more money and energy to improve the people’s life in the deep.
    However, Hope that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding will be wonderful. and Hope that they will have a happy new life.

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