Marko Lukovic’s Vision of the Car of the Future is Called Supersonic

Futuristic design is like science fiction; it is not a fact as yet but feasible and likely to happen at a future date. Cars are one piece of equipment that has attracted the most amount of speculative design. The curiosity always drives you to imagine what a car would look like in future. It would serve the same purpose but would definitely look different and have different technologies driving it. One of the award winning designs is a vision of the future by Serbian designer Marko Lukovic. It is basically an electric car with only three wheels but packing a lot of futuristic technology.

The 10th Michelin Challenge Design 2011 had attracted over 1,000 participants who had put forward their visions of the future and this concept car design was selected as a winner and honored. Lukovic simply calls his design ‘Supersonic’ even though it is not designed to travel beyond the speed of sound. Never the less, the vehicle does look like a supersonic aircraft. Both the back wheels of the car have an electric motor attached to them that drives the vehicle. The structure of the vehicle is narrow, almost like a rocket and is designed for two people only including the driver, with one sitting in front of the other.

Lukovic believes that the lithium-ion batteries would become much smaller in the future and could be made compact enough to be removed from the car for recharging at home like we do our cell phones today. The glass on top and sides of the car is a photosensitive liquid crystal canopy with adjustable transparency for filtering bright sunlight or prying eyes. One of the significant visions of Lukovic is the development of technology that would enable us to put the car on auto pilot mode. It is thrilling to imagine that your car will drive itself to work while you enjoy your coffee and catch up with the news on your tablet.


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