Luxury can be Sustainable, Chanel, PPR, Giorgio Armani take Serious Initiatives

The big guns from the fashion, lifestyle and luxury sectors have started taking the environment seriously and they seem genuinely concerned about the longevity of the planet and their business. Sustainability is the new buzz word in the industry. The Sustainability Forum was a great success in Lausanne and it provided the platform for the announcement of strategic and philanthropic commitments to the environment by key luxury players.

Winted software is a major initiative by Chanel. It is a software they have developed with Evea for the use of packaging companies operating in the cosmetic market. The software provides solutions for them that are relatively more eco friendly. It helps the implementation of eco design practices. Michel Dupuis who heads the packaging development at Chanel explained the motive behind the initiative while talking to Premium Beauty News. A 2007 audit revealed that half the emissions were generated by their packaging. The software addresses eco-design issues throughout the whole development process. They have made it available to the entire industry free of any charge as it would help the great global cause of the preservation of our environment.

PPR is another group that is taking centre stage in the movement for sustainability. Francois-Henri Pinault, CEO of the group announced a €10 million per year sustainability initiative titled PPR Home. He hoped that the initiative will help develop innovative and sustainable initiatives for different economic models over the long term. Their acquisition of Puma has added to the sustainability momentum in the group. Jochen Zeitz of Puma has been appointed the Chief Sustainability Officer and he will be assisted by 15 full time employees at PPR Home and would be engaging consultants and experts for specific projects. The group will also launch a ‘Creative Sustainability Lab’ in partnership with Cradle to Cradle.

The main focus of the lab will be to develop products that address the environmental and social concerns for PPR’s luxury labels. PPR as group has estimated its total carbon emissions for 2010 at 98,729 tons. Their target in the long term is to reduce it but in the immediate term they intend offsetting it through the purchase of carbon credits from San Francisco-based company Wildlife Works’ Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) offsetting project in Kenya.

On March 22 we saw Giorgio Armani, another stalwart from the fashion and luxury lifestyle industry, turn his focus on World Water Day. He announced his partnership with Geneva based Green Cross International with a goal to promote clean drinking water for people in need. The processes and materials being used for crafting designer clothes and accessories are undergoing significant change to reduce wastage of water.

Future Fashion and the Portland Fashion Week have taken the lead to become the environment conscious fashion shows that showcase sustainable creations from the likes of Versace, Bottega Veneta and Givenchy. The Green Cross International President Alexander Likhotal described the initiative as a practical step to help make the Right to Water a reality. Armani’s Acqua For Life campaign hopes to raise consumer awareness and ensure supply of 100 liters of clean drinking water against the sale of every bottle of Acqua Di Giò and Acqua Di Gioia.

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