Bumper Cases Treated with Gold Give a New Life to iPhone4

The new iPad is hogging all the media space because the curiosity level is very high amongst the consumers. But in the meantime the little iPhone has got a golden treatment which has got overshadowed by the iPad hype. Well it is not the iPhone 4  itself but the bumper that has turned golden. It is the accessory that enhances you iPhone. After the iPad2 cases it is the turn of golden iPhone4 bumper cases.

If you remember, the bumpers were created because it helped enhance the reception of your phone. After the golden treatment the bumpers will enhance the beauty of your phone as well. This initiative has been taken by the company Crystal Roc. The bumpers are not made of gold but dipped into 24kt gold. The company has total control over its distribution as these exclusive golden bumpers are available directly from Crystal Roc only.

For the residents of London there is another option available as it is being retailed from Harrods. The golden case will set you back by £200 which is close to $325. But this is one accessory that really adds value to your iPhone 4. The golden case will give a new life to your old phone and differentiate it from the same phone that everyone else carries.

Via: crystalroc.blogspot

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