Street Fashion Report by Chicisimo Could be Valuable for the Fashion Industry

Chicisimo is a Spanish startup. It was launched just last year as a platform for a community for fashionistas to share photos of their favorite clothes, tagging them with data about the brands, items and colors being worn. The response to the site has been positive and slowly but steadily a community of fashion-obsessive young women has built up around the site, voting and commenting on each others’ looks.

With the community and user base of the site increasing it is creating a substantial database that could be help in pushing retail sales. They recently published a Street Fashion Report that clearly indicates that the service is capable of delivering data similar to those supplied by to the fashion industry. The startup’s data base is already impressive and with proper analysis they are able to come up with definitive conclusions and trends.

The current report that the site released was based on their data of 30,000 looks shared by 6,000 users. The time period was between July 201, when the site was launched and February 2011, after which the report was released. The data base is not large enough or diverse enough to be considered sufficient for definitive results but the user demographics (all female, mostly under 35) makes it valuable for marketers from the fashion industry. As its services and user base expands its data will become more valuable and top luxury brands would be more than willing to pay for it.

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