Boston Planetarium Gets A $2 Million Zeiss Starmaster Projector

In 2008, the Charles Hayden planetarium in Boston’s Museum of Science celebrated its 50th anniversary. Now, two years later, the Charles Hayden planetarium has had quite the makeover. The Museum of Science has spent about $9 million in upgrading the half-century-old planetarium. However, the biggest draw of this renovation project has been the new Zeiss Starmaster Projector.

The Charles Hayden planetarium has had a Zeiss projector in operation since 1970. However, the new projector has already been stealing the limelight at the newly renovated planetarium. Purchased for $2 million, the Zeiss Starmaster Projector sits atop a platform at the centre of auditorium. Using light and fiber optics, the new projector displays stars and planets on the 57-foot dome of the planetarium. Adding to the effect of the Zeiss Starmaster Projector is a pair of high-resolution digital projectors from Sony. These are located at opposite ends within the dome. Apparently, the resolution is good enough to allow for the use of binoculars.

There are only 15 Zeiss Starmaster Projectors in operation across the world today. Only two of these are in the United States.

The Museum of Science has also recently begun a new show called “Undiscovered Worlds”. This thirty-minute show will discuss the existence of other planets that are similar to the Earth. “Undiscovered Worlds” is set to focus on the obstacles to finding these new worlds. Also scheduled this spring is the launch of “Night Lights”. This entertainment series will be held in the evenings and will feature next-gen laser shows. Enough reason to head to Boston.

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