Stefano Pilati Designs The YSL Retail Space in Las Vegas in ‘The Opium Experience’

When thinking of Las Vegas the first thing that comes to our mind (among other things) is the Casino Royale experience. But it is time that you change your perception about that place. It now houses the stupendous luxury retail spot by the name The Opium Experience designed by prolific designer by the name Stefano Pilati.   The name Opium is derived from the amber/reddish finish of the ceilings and wall panels.

The designer Stefano Pilati is the creative head honcho of Yves Saint Laurent, and of the Yves Saint Laurent’s boutique retail space design. Las Vegas now has two YSL Boutiques with each of them having a different feel. The one seated at City Centre is the first space to be designed by Pilati. The store design was first revealed to the world in 2008 at the beginning of Paris Fashion Week. It was Pilati’s vision that these designs would become a hallmark in itself and will be recognized by people sans any use of logo.

The detailing of the retail space is impeccable. Opium also being a luxury French fragrance finds place in this concept. This design will be imbibed in all new YSL boutiques that will be built in the future.

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