CES 2011: Lux Mobile Shows Off Bling iPhone and iPad Cases

Lux Mobile has long been in the business of making some unconventional iPhone and iPad cases. At CES this year, it went beserk with its bling obsession and showed off some interesting creations including the M.C. Escher case. This one was fashioned out of 18,000 Swarovski crystals. there is also a non-cystal flavor of the case which is claimed to be selling like hot cakes.

These custom made cases are priced at a whopping $3,000. Now that is close to 6 times the worth of iPad. But if you have all the cash in the world to burn and having sumthing offbeat is what you prefer, then you shouldn’t really care about that. Another creations include the pink ED Hardy monstrosity which looks little overdone to me.

The bling cases for iPad and iPhone are not new. Many designers have been teasing and unveiling these products all the time. But among the tech chaos at CES, something that has got to do little with technology becomes a sight for sore eyes.


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