A Louis Vuitton Belt with a Tacky Cell Phone Buckle Made in China

Luxury need not necessarily be classy all the time. At least that is what they seem to think in China. This knock off Louis Vuitton belt buckle has faked just the brand name and not a design that exists. And that’s why the end result is so tacky and ostentatious. The belt, in place of a buckle has a tacky cell phone with built in camera and fashion police radar.

It is a functional phone and can be worn with its screen in front or can be turned around to look like a large LV buckle with a hidden camera. With its high pricing, it is difficult to imagine with which target market in mind this contraption has been designed. A giant gold cell phone belt buckle vibrating at crotch level cannot convey class by any stretch of imagination.

It is not for us to pass a judgment and condemn it just because we do not like it. The pundits do fail once in a while. Certain sections of the market might just lap it up and then big name designers might be persuaded to devise ingenuous ways to slip the cell phone on your belt. You never know, you might soon be faced with knock offs of this fake.

Via: Gizmodo , GizChina

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