The Royal Blue Tourbillon is Perhaps the Proudest Moment of Ulysse Nardin’s Long History

Ulysse Nardin has been right up there, for over a century and a half, when it comes to the technological skills of watch making and precision engineering. They have  ultimately defined their position in the luxury watch world with a piece such as the Royal Blue Tourbillon. This Royal Blue Tourbillon by Ulysse Nardin is a no-holds-barred super haute horlogerie watch by a brand not hiding the fact the watch is meant to be a statement. Love it or leave it, this watch is a jaw-dropper.

Holding nothing back, this timepiece unapologetically exhibits the absolute maximum level of high-end lifestyle poise and exclusivity a timepiece can contain . This violently expensive diamond-studded watch is covered in pave diamonds and sapphires and the entire tourbillon movement is suspended on a plate of pure sapphire. You are so taken aback by the beauty of the piece that you don’t realise what an engineering feat it is, drilling and attaching moving parts to a sheet of gemstone.

The Royal Blue Tourbillon watch will be limited to just 30 pieces, and will also come with an optional alligator strap if you want to limit the extravagance to just the watch. There is nothing simple about this masterpiece. In place of a simple winding mechanism they have developed a “circular rack” mechanism that spins around the dial and moves a series of gears while the watch is being wound.

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