Toco Chico’s Mineral Water Bottles recyled and Converted to Booze Shot Glasses

If you are an eco-friendly drunkard, you gotta take a look at these cool shot glasses. The eco-friendly shot glass is made of used mineral water bottles by Toco Chico. These tiny and handy glasses are manufactured by the process of melting and blowing of throw away waste  bottles. The height of the manufactured shot bottles is 1.75 inches with one ounce capacity. This environmental friendly shot glass is perfect for parties. The bottom of the glass carries the signature of the manufacturers with “Wolf Art Glass 2010.”

While blowing the glass, care has been taken to stay green and sustain energy with very little consumption as power is utilized partially from the renewable wind energy of the Green Works program of the company. For packaging purpose, the used cardboard can be recycled and is also a hundred percent biodegradable cover.

The gift box is very attractive with shot glasses that could serve as nostalgic items of collection. Sometimes they are shown to the public for promotional events or brand names of the company, often the glasses are depicted with cartoons or sayings. These orders are customized and you could request the ones you want.

Via: Uncrate

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