Proverbial Wallets, Ideal For Shopaholics!

When was the last time you seriously regretted swiping your card for some impulsive shopping without checking the balance? If it happens every other day then probably you need this Proverbial Wallet that senses, remembers and even communicates when you are overspending. Can’t believe? Check out the new wallet design created by best brains at MIT’s Media Lab. This wallet goes beyond holding money; it almost acts as an extended financial sub conscious of the spender.

MIT media lab students have designed three digitally enabled wallets as a design project. One of the wallets vibrates whenever transaction is processed and another becomes difficult to open whenever a person over shoots the budget and third one is most expressive of all, it simply swells up in proportion to remaining balance after transaction is processed.

These subtle reminders of transaction and balance can really save the day for credit card users and shopaholics in more than one way. They will be able to avoid embarrassing moments like having to return without awesome shopping bags because cashier says transaction didn’t work (obviously you didn’t realize you had crossed credit limit). One will also know if someone else swipes and misuses the card. And one just needs to glance at the swell of wallet to know when to stop splurging.  Awesome isn’t it?

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