Posh Tots Releases Deep Space Fighter Bed and Galaxy MuralStar that Kids will Love

Isn’t it great to be born rich? I mean, if you are born rich you have options almost as infinite as the space. And if you are a rich kid and also have the inclination towards the sci-fi, you have the option getting some of your imagination turned into reality. Well if you cannot do it on your own PoshTots can help you out with products and ideas from the outer space.

The Deep Space Fighter Bed and Galaxy MuralStar are two products that can bring your intergalactic imagination to life. The Fighter bed they have released, offers you the option to custom design your starship bed to your unique specifications, and the supporting wall mural can depict anything from an army of elite soldiers marching into battle to a squadron of deep space fighter ships. Both of them together is enough to take your imagination zooming into outer space.

It is a great idea as a gift option for kids if you are in the high net worth income bracket. There are size options , as it must fit and suit the room it is being chosen for. The price also varies depending on the size and other options you choose but the very base price starts at $18,000.


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