Deuce Releases a Digital Version of Backgammon with a Sound System

The advanced computer gaming consoles have completely over shadowed all the other indoor games. But it was heartening to see a traditional board game being given a new lease of life by injecting digital technology into it. Deuce, the company behind the multi-game table 7500-SG and backgammon butterfly, launched its latest game Stereo Backgammon 4200. It is a digital spin on the classic two player game.

Isabelle Guedon and Benjamin Caron who are based in Paris have been the brains behind the creation of Stereo Backgammon 4200. It combines tradition, design and technology, pulling one of the oldest classes of board game in the world, back to the limelight and is sure to catch the interest of the younger generation. It is nice to see that some of the classics are not being forgotten but rather updated and refreshed to keep up with the times.

A sound system has been integrated with the board that allows the players to listen to the music of their choice while playing. The large screen in place of the backgammon board has sensitive display with digital graphics. Real 4.2cm weighted checkers, which are hidden from sight in a drawer under the board. It is constructed from solid aluminum sheets.

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