Doettling Colosimo: A Tiny Space to Safekeep Your Tourbilon Watch!

If you were wondering where you could protect and safe keep that expensive tourbillion that you bought recently, look no further ahead. The Doettling Colosimo is one of the latest tiny safes that have been announced by high end safe manufacturers recently. Doettling themselves are known to manufacture high end safes that are unique and luxurious.

The Colosimo has nothing to do with the size of the watch safe, for it measures just 11 sq inches, and is pretty tiny if you asked me. However, it almost weighs 66 pounds, and that is pretty heavy. The safe comes with 32 gilged cogs and 16 radially arranged locking bolts. It even comes with a 3 digit combo lock entry like the good old times.

You could either choose to have a watch winder or a cigar humidifier or both. It costs $23,000. If a thief were to steal your watch, and you mean to keep it in a “safe’ like the Doettling Colosimo, it may not be a great idea. It would be actually easy to carry the safe in a grocery bag without being noticed, and the thief could spend a few weeks or even months to break the code of the lock. He would not only get the safe then, but also the expensive watch you meant to safeguard in it.

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