If You Thought an Aston Martin Couldn’t get Any Better, Well They Just Did

Aston Martin is probably one of the most luxurious names in the world of cars. Their cars look sleek, have the power to boot, and carry with them instant admiration that is a result of years and years of building a brand name. You would think that this would be enough to make these guys rest on their accolades. But no! Probably the reason why Aston Martin is such a great name is that they never stop improving themselves.

They have decided to up the luxe factor of their four door “coupe” by introducing the Rapide Luxe. It is a top-of-the-line trim package that makes the car even more drool worthy. This package allows the owners to get custom luggage made to match the interior leather of their Aston Martin. It also gets you an awesome DVD system wired into the backs of the front seat to really make the rhythm get you!

Glass switches and key-fob and exclusive color options such as Quantum Silver and Concours Blue make the car look absolutely stunning. Well I guess money gets you everything, including a car that gets better and better, even when you thought nothing else could top it. Sighes!

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