Aquaminiums inspired by James Bond up on the market

Reading the word Aquaminium, one might think that it is sort of a combo between aqua and condominium. And you would be right if you think that as it as an apartment on the water. Gulu Lalvani, the Royal Phuket Marina chief executive and developer has coined this term and says that this apartment includes an added feature of an indoor garage for a boat. But here only two penthouses are given the facilities, the rest of the apartments have docking stations.

Mr. Lalvani says that the idea for this came from James Bond movies where 007 quickly escapes from his boat parked right outside his place. Infact the nearby island of Khoah Phing Kan is also known as “James Bond Island” because it appeared in “The Man with the Golden Gun” in 1974. Fourteen out of the total apartments are already occupied. Another complex is also in the offing. The residents over here are quite the big hotshots though we weren’t given their names, but the hints were enough.

Eight units are still out on the market and the prices range from $734,375 for a 169-square-meter two-bedroom apartment to about $10.5 million for a 2,869-square-meter “Grand Villa”. Mr. Lalvani is trying to get buyers from mainland China, but there have been none till now.

Via: blogs.wsj

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