Air Partner’s JetCard programme is like a prepaid card, but for air travel

For those who charter private jets, here is a sort of pre-paid card for you. Air Partner has brought out this JetCard programme in which the users will be able to add hours to this membership. So when you have to go somewhere you can just use those hours without all the hassles. It is actually like a prepaid phone. The minutes that you can talk in that are hours that you can travel, and instead of phone calls you will be flying to your destination.

This programme is great because there are no hidden or unexpected charges, and you get some extra hours at the purchase of a certain number of hours. For example, when you buy 25 hours, you get two bonus hours. With these many hours you can travel from New York to Bermuda, or from Washington D.C. to Palm Beach. You also get an access to a number of private jets.

The “ski and sun JetCard special” is available through the end of November and can be bought through any Air Partner broker. But make sure you find out again about the terms and conditions as well as the availability from your Air Partner broker, as they have been changed twice already.

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