Romain Jerome Unveils Pen Made of Apollo II Pieces and Real Moon Dust

There is a great level of interest among the affluent to purchase writing materials. It is not because they are going to write amazing stuff using the pen, but it is because they consider the pen as a status symbol, which they would probably use once to sign a business deal or to purchase a yacht in a corner of the world.

However, there also seem to be an equally crazy group of people who follow everything scientific and astronomic, that they can pay astronomical prices for anything that is remotely related to space science. Romain Jerome has created a weird looking pen in order to commemorate Buzz Aldrin’s moon landing. The pen has been created with actual moon dust and pieces from the Apollo II. It comes with a weird flap to make it look like a space craft and once it is removed, you could write with it.

Now, I would say get a great poster that shows Buzz Aldrin landing on the moon for a couple of dollars, and also a good pen at the stationers for just a few cents. You would still have shown your love for space science and not spent million or thousand on a product like this.

Via: Crunch Gear

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