Mathieu Lehanneur Designs a Spectacular Bedroom for the Veuve Clicquot Hôtel

Mathieu Lehanneur is a respected name in the designer community. His latest work is a bit unusual for his portfolio of impressive work. He has designed a spectacular bedroom for the Veuve Clicquot Hôtel du Marc which is actually Veuve Clicquot’s residence rather than its hotel. It is basically used for the family, its members and its friends. It had been closed for guests for the last two years while it was undergoing an extensive renovation. It is scheduled to reopen its doors with a completely new look in 2011.

The new bed room with the special design has been given a name – Once Upon a Dream. The design of the bedroom was presented at the Milan Design Week 2010. The room has been made for the visitor’s to the house. The special design is for the travelers suffering from jet lag. The design has taken into account the evidence gathered from people suffering from chronic insomnia.

The design is actually based on the work of Dr. Alain Nicola’s who is a sleeping disorder specialist in France. His basic premise is that going to sleep is like stepping off into another state, shifting down into consciousness by successive stages. The effectiveness of the design will be proved only if you get to sleep in it.

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