SS Plastic Dining Room Launched to Support Sustainable Seafood Program

Commercial fishing, rather over-fishing is causing havoc to the marine life the world over. To tackle this crisis a concept has been floated in the form of eco-friendly floating restaurants serving sustainable seafood are on the menu for marinas around the world. It has been named “SS Plastic Dining Room” and the first of these fundraising rafts has already been launched to an encouraging response, in Vancouver, Canada. The plan now is to launch a fleet of similar floating restaurants in major world cities including Auckland, Cape Town and London.

The first experience of the SS Dining Room in Canada is very positive. It has as its neighbors a cluster of luxury yachts in the exclusive False Creek Yacht Club marina in Vancouver and has already raised about $100,000 which will go to the School of Fish Foundation for establishing sustainable seafood programs in culinary schools worldwide.

The floating diner serves a six course seafood spread prepared by Canadian chef Robert Clark, against a payment of $205. The chef has kept the highest ecological concerns in mind while preparing the menu. The foundation it is supporting was established in March this year and as chefs graduate with the knowledge of sustainable fishing we can hope to see a shift in what is being served on people’s plates.

Via: edition.cnn,

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