Alfa Romeo Celebrates 100th Anniversary With Paintings by F B Alliney

100th anniversary is a big occasion for anyone, even if it is a business. It is a time for celebration. Alfa Romeo is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and naturally they have a whole lot of activities planned to celebrate the occasion.

They have tied up with  Feredrico B. Alliney, creator of the sceneries of “The World of Pandora” in the movie Avatar,  who has created some incredible paintings to commemorate the occasion for the legendry car maker. The occasion asked for something out of this world and Fredrico has delivered. The collection of paintings by him has been named “The Cross and the Snake”. The artist has painted seven pieces with an exceptional backdrop selected in accordance with the car shown.

F B Alliney while elaborating on how he came about doing the collection said that the Alfa Romeo logo itself with the cross and the snake was the main source of inspiration for the collection. He also explained about the pictorial techniques he has used to make stand out the smallest details of the painting. He said that he wanted to transport the viewer inside his paintings. The paintings will be available in a limited edition of 30 pieces each.

Via: alfaromeoart, luxist

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