Paul Fraser Collectibles Sells Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis Kit

Flying has always been man’s dream, and it was finally achieved when the Wright brothers tested their first plane. Now, it has not been an easy journey, and there have been many unfortunate incidents among the initial pioneers of flying. Charles Lindbergh during his historic solo flight across the Atlantic received so much of attention and praise that he almost became a celebrity during his journey itself!

The historic Spirit of St. Louis was a long-range aircraft flown by Charles Lindbergh during that trip. Its parts are now being sold off by Paul Fraser Collectibles. These parts were originally owned by Lindbergh’s trusted engineer, Kenneth Lane. Many of these historic parts are now being sold, and are also already sold off.

2 spark plugs, a rocker arm from the Wright J5-C “Whirlwind” engine (serial no. 7331), and three shock absorber bungee cords are some of the items that you would get in the collection. The kit would cost you 125,000 Pounds, and that is not really a lot of money when it comes to something as historic as this.

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