Vertu Constellation Quest Goes Bling-bling All the Way to $17,300!

The Vertu Constellation Quest could just be one of the most expensive ever launched till now. This phone screams “luxury” and boy, does it well! The phone was announced at a glitzy do, which was attended by the likes of Kevin Spacey and Seal. The Vertu Constellation Quest works like a really and really expensive version of the E72 model, which Nokia has. If you are running short of cash, and you are cheap enough to think you could try and be luxurious, you could try the shameful version which costs, 5,000 Pounds. This is made of stainless steel and black leather.

If you don’t mind spending anther 900 pounds, you could try and get the version which comes with amazing sapphire keys. You could also try and get it in black or pink leather. The one that tops the list is the one that costs 17,300 Pounds. It comes with an LED flash, two touch-sensitive buttons and a colour display.

Instead of steel, the phone is made of gold! Somehow, I did not notice the mention of the “diamond” word anywhere. Just gold and a whopping 17,300 Pounds? Well, you could be really insane to purchase something like this. Instead, one could use the money to travel around an exotic country for almost a month in luxury!


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