Fabienne Reybaud Introduces An All New Edition Of ‘Watches: The Ultimate Guide’

One of the most respected French journalists, Fabienne Reybaud who works with the Le Figaro, has now come out with an all new edition of ‘Watches: The Ultimate Guide’, that is must for all watch lovers and enthusiasts. Ms. Reybaud, who is considered to be an expert in the field of horology has spent laborious hours in to research and exploration of the world of watches, resulting in a comprehensive accumulation of articles pertaining to the developments in the watch market.

With immense advancements in the field of technology, watches have come a long way from just being time tellers and have turned into collectibles, dominating the luxury market as well. Watches: The Ultimate Guide was first published in the year 2006 by renowned publisher house, Assouline. This incredibly informative book immediately caught the attention of the public and the book became an instant hit. The new edition of this widely famous book includes some of the rarest time pieces including pocket watches and limited edition Patek Philippe, that are known to be extremely expensive during auctions. The book includes history of production through different means of mechanization, along with a glossary of critical information such as price guide, index of retailers, auction houses, repair shops and watch specialists.

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