Luxury Superyachts Owners Demand Sophisticated Security Add-Ons

Seafaring has always had its own share of risks, apart from fears of strong tidal waves, human error and technical snags there is also threat from pirates who can take over vessels. No wonder billionaire superyacht owners are becoming increasingly paranoid and demanding sophisticated security add-ons for their vessels sailing on high seas.

Modern military technology and satellite communication has made it very easy to equip superyachts with protection gear and gadgets to track and protect superyachts even in high seas. Billionaires are willing to shell out money for NATO military technology, NASA satellite tracking systems, under water sonic cannons and surface lasers etc. According to Equisea yacht Management based in Monte Carlo the costs of such security system is nearly 300,000 euros. But this might just provide right boost to the yacht industry and might lead to growth in sales.

It does make business sense too for luxury superyachts need huge investments and if they come equipped with protection gear for little extra price they can expect more returns for we live in an insecure world thanks to terrorism, pirates and other lurking dangers in deep waters and if integrated technology can promise us security then seafaring will be safer and popular once again.

via Bloomberg

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